Friday, April 20, 2018

How to repair the red light PS3 flashing?

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If you need to fix the flashing red light PS3, aka Red Light Of Death (RLOD), on your game console, you are not alone! Thousands of people suffer from this problem and the Internet is flooded with frustrated and angry consumers who fear having to throw a gaming console that they have spent hundreds of dollars to buy
Fortunately, throwing your console is completely useless! Do not let anyone convince you that you can not solve the problem PS3 RLOD, because you can! The following steps will help you to find a solution to the problem:
Step 1: Check your console place the console with the ventilation vents sitting against the floor or against a wall where the air can not flow freely in and out of the console.
Start by checking your console and make sure those fans are not blocked. If you notice a lot of dust on the console, clean it immediately. Once you have repaired the blinking red light of your ps3 and your console will work again, you will want to keep the vents clean and clear.
Step 2: test the hard drive
Now find the hard drive on the side of your console and remove it. Wait a few seconds and replace it. In some cases this can repair the red light PS3. If you still see the flashing red light, there is a chance that you will have greater damage to the inside of your unit. It could possibly be a problem with the overheating that causes problems with the motherboard, especially if you had your console on the floor or against a wall

The latest home remedy to repair the flickering of the PS3 red light is to disconnect the console from the wall for about half an hour and reconnect it. This does not always work, but some people have had success with problems other than overheating. If this does not work, you have more damage to the motherboard of your console.
Yet, that does not mean that the console is useless! Continue to find a permanent solution to the problem
Step 4: Check your warranty
The next step you can do to fix the red light of death is to see if you still have a valid warranty for your gaming console. If you do, you can contact Sony and send it by post for a fix. Note that it will take at least 6 weeks before you can expect your ps3 back and chances are high, you will receive a refurbished unit rather than the one you originally sent. Also note that Sony will delete the memory of your unit so that you will lose everything that is saved in the console
If you do not have a valid warranty or you do not want to lose everything in the console, bypass Sony. Without warranty, they charge $ 150-300 or more and often the unit you receive in return will have the same red light of the blinking death problem in a short period of time
Go online to expert sites that will show you some online programs that will repair the red light PS3 flashing in just an hour or so sometimes less. These programs will show you how to repair your console as an experienced repairer of PlayStation 3 would repair it, but you will not even pay $ 50 for most of them!
If you learn how to repair the red lights of the PS3 websites or unprofessional forums, chances are, you could make it worse because there are more than 20 reasons behind this problem.